Friday, November 7, 2008

The Zoo

The Fort Worth Zoo is home to one of the top rated zoos in the nation. It is a great place for moms to take their kids for a day out of the house. Last Friday, Casen and I went with some friends to check it out. I was truly amazed at the cleanliness, the excellent design and the beauty of the zoo and it's inhabitants.

Casen taking it all in.
Jackson admiring a bird on the ground.
Benjamin taking a ride in the cart.
The beautiful white tiger.
Brooke and Abram in the background and Crissy and Jackson watching the elephants.
The cooky ostrich and giant girraffes.
Casen, at the end of our adventure, pondering all of the perplexities he had taken in!

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chloeadele said...

how fun! i love taking my kids to the zoo. looks like a good time was had by all.