Sunday, December 27, 2009

Fun Around the House

One of Casen's new favorite activities is playing with the shampoo bottles in the bathroom. He lines them up then knocks a few down, only to line them up again. I'm all for it. Whatever keeps him occupied for a few minutes is great with me!

Casen loving on Seymour, his giant giraffe.

Casen loves to play at the playground. Luckily, our neighborhood has one located at the end of our street. One great thing about Texas is the few 70 degree days in the midst of winter. On those days you can find us at the playground.

Casen also enjoys drawers. In every room he has a couple of drawers that are "his," items that are safe for him to play with. As you can tell, one of his drawers in the bedroom is the sock drawer.

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chloeadele said...

casen is by far one of the most adorable kids i have ever seen! how in the world do you say 'no' to that face?! i know you must. our boys aren't that far apart in age, and mine gets into all kinds of mischief!