Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Back Home

Sorry I've negelected the blog for the past week. Chris was playing in a golf tournament this weekend so Casen and I decided to pack up (the enitre house it seemed) and head to Oklahoma to see our family.

Casen was very glad to see his Daddy when we got home. They spent some good quality time napping together.

Sorry to all of my friends who wanted to meet Casen, but between his schedule, my parents schedule, my sisters schedule and my need to relax a bit we just couldn't make it happen. I barely made it to Target to buy diapers while I was there! Hopefully, we'll catch you the next time around.


Brenda Liniger said...

You will never get the chance to see everyone that you want to on a trip home, we often leave Tulsa without seeing a few friends that we had every intention of spending time with. You have to work around a baby schedule now and that isn't always easy.

Kara said...

I have learned now especially with multiple children, if people want to see the kids, they come to us. So that means they come to my parents house or wherever! It just makes things a little less chaotic!

Also love the picture of your boys sleeping...too cute!

Amy said...

Hi! I didn't see you but I did see your sister, did she tell you? Did Casen travel well? At that age Noah cried in the car the whole time unless someone was sitting in the back with him! Fun. less than 3 weeks to go now!

The Kinley's said...

Sadly, I've lost "friends" in Wyoming over that very thing...guess they weren't acquaintances worth keeping anyway, since they can't understand traveling with a baby is HARD WORK!!

I'm sure yours will be a whole lot more understanding!

Way to go mommy! I think you're super mommy if you dare to take your under 1 child 20 miles or more outside of town! No wonder you don't see a ton of babies on airplanes or at gas stations. The craziest of us mommies are an elite few :-)