Monday, October 6, 2008

Amanda, the Psuedo-Aunt

Amanda, one of my best friends, came all of the way from Memphis to visit Casen.

Amanda is in the pediatric dentistry residence program at the University of Tennessee. Here, I caught her going for the pacifier so she could give Casen his first exam. She checked things out and says he has a perfect little mouth!

Amanda refers to herself as Casen's favorite pseudo-aunt. He liked her this time, but since Amanda will be Casen's dentist and will poke and prod around in his mouth, I hope the love continues to develop!

When Casen loses his baby teeth, Amanda has him already prepared. She bought him an engraved loose tooth holder. Isn't it adorable? The only problem is that apparently, from the patients she sees, the tooth fairy is currently paying at least 5 dollars per tooth. There's no telling what the going rate will be when Casen is old enough to lose his teeth! We'll have to start saving now!


Kara said...

$5 a tooth !?!?! We are going to go broke here! What happened to $0.50?

chloeadele said...

LOVE that little tooth holder! how sweet! he looks like he's getting so big already!