Monday, October 20, 2008


Last week we had an exciting visit from some good friends that we met when we lived in Plano. We met the Leavers and the Williams while they were starting a life group (aka Sunday School) for people who had been married a few years but didn't have kids yet. Well, as most people realize, there is usually only a short window of time to be in that stage and this group kept it very short! It was fun to see Drew and Dawn as new parents and shortly after that Joy and Jason. We thought we would round out the trio by jumping on the bandwagon and having a little boy too. The Williams and Leavers are dear friends and I know our boys will have many more fun opportunities to play and grow together!

Ethan, Casen and Carsten lounging on the sofa. I can just picture the three of them 15 years from now laying around watching a football game together!

Carsten giving me his best smile!

Ethan posing with Mr. Bear!


Kara said...

cute pics! i love thinking of who my boys will be friends with in 15 will be here faster than we want! i am not sure i am ready to house a house of teenage boys :)

chloeadele said...

so so cute! what a troop!