Sunday, August 24, 2008

Carpal Tunnel Relief

The good news is, I go back to the office tomorrow morning, so those of you who have developed carpal tunnel syndrome from clicking refresh will have a little relief. Kari is going to start maintaining her blog, so you can expect a few less updates.

The bad news is, Kari takes a billion more pictures than I, so the updates may be much more substantive. Good luck.
Deren and Amy came by earlier to see Kari and Casen. Amy is incubating one of Casen's good friends Harrison who should be here in November. They're a part of the group who plays Bunco every month on a Thursday night. Kari missed Bunco last Thursday because she was having a baby,

We had some "tummy time" this afternoon, which was fun. He's usually pretty wide awake during tummy time, so we got a couple of good pictures.

How could anyone resist that face?

One more funny story: We picked the name Casen because we had never heard of another person named Casen (I have been Chris F. my entire life). I saw it in a baby name book and was hooked. After I talked Kari out of Clive, she was hooked too.

Yesterday we went into the lactation nurse for Casen's first checkup (he passed with flying colors). When she got in the room, the nurse acted really confused while she was looking at her paperwork. She said, "You guys have been discharged, right?"

"Yeah, we went home on Thursday."

"That's really strange. There's another family in 2237 right now (our postpartum room) with a baby named Casen... and that's the fourth one I've seen this week."

I told her to go tell them to change it.

And dadgum if we didn't just logon the computer to finish the baby announcement and see that the example was for a boy named "Cason."

So if you're out there stealing our name, we're not at all happy with you. I knew we should have gone with T. Boone...


The Kinley's said...

serves you right for keeping it a secret. If you had announced it than you would have been told "oh yeah, my friend is naming there son that or so-and-so named their little boy that last week" ;-)

C.K. isn't too bad to go bad with, especially since that's your favorite former admins initials.

Poor Casen F. :-)

Kara said...

That is how it goes, we thought Caden was so creative...there was no one in Houston with that name or one even close to sounding like Caden. We move here to Woodward and there are several kids named Caden, Cade, etc. Caden is one of two in his preschool this year! I feel your pain!

Deren W said...

Okay, we are going to have to drive back over and Chris will have to retake yet another picture. I look like the pregnant one!!

Deren W said...

BTW, he is absolutely ADORABLE. Can't wait to see him again soon...let me know when you need a babysitter! :-)