Friday, August 22, 2008

Casen Meets Sutton, and more

Several of you have asked how Sutton did with the new addition. She was pretty excited when she got home. She spent a couple of nights with Paul and his wife-who-remains-unnamed, and had a great time. But, she was pretty excited to be home, and it took her a while to sniff out Casen. When she finally found him, she licked his feet a little, and then went on to sniffing out the rest of the house.

This is where Sutton sat throughout dinner. She didn't bother Casen, but guarded him pretty well while we were eating. It was pretty cute.

Here's one for Grandma Freeland's brag book.

This morning, Casen was resting while Chris was telling him all about his Uncle Blake and Aunt Katie. Casen is now caught up on the Charleston Southern University football team, and can't wait to see how they do this year. Casen was very impressed with Uncle Blake's stellar Sports Information work, and can't wait to meet his aunt and uncle.

This is Casen asleep in the cradle Grandpa Freeland made for Chris before he was born. He looks pretty tiny in there, but slept really well. Thanks Grandpa!


Kara said...

I love the pic of Sutton guarding Casen! We have one like that of Jack and Caden...too funny! Beagles are great dogs with kids. Jack lets the boys love all over him and is always protective of them when they cry, especially if Mommy doesn't get there fast enough!

The Kinley's said...

I wish our dog was that great with babies. Maybe he got more sheltie in him than beagle cause he hates kids!

Glad she likes him, I knew she would!

chloeadele said...

My Papaw made me a cradle too. Although by the time he finished, I had outgrown it. My younger siblings, lots of cousins, and both my kids have slept in it though. We had name plates made for everyone who has ever slept in it. It's been a very special piece to our family for many years.

I love that Casen is sleeping in the same space as his daddy did. How special!