Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Some of Casen's Friends

We didn't have a picture of Millie earlier in the family section, but this is her. She's not proud at all.

This is Casen's future partner-in-trouble-makin' Jackson (JT), and his momma Crissy. They were our very first guests this morning.

Jeremy and Hillary Stone are working on hatching Casen's next friend. They brought a pretty cool orange flower to sit in Casen's bedroom. Orange is Casen's favorite color. Doesn't Hillary look like a pro?

This is Casen's best buddy, Daddy. Dad's not proud at all either!


Amber Peters said...

What a BEAUTIFUL example of God's love!!!! Congratulations.

Brenda Liniger said...

Finally a picture of daddy and his special guy,,,how awesome!