Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Casen's Here!

Soon after the delivery. Kari's a rock star.

First Bath

This is right after his bath. He's trying to look like he held it together the whole time. Unfortunately for him, we've got visual evidence just above that argues to the contrary!

Someone in the room said "sooner or later." All he heard was "sooner." He let the room know that he doesn't appreciate his pure little ears being warped with such profanity in his presence.


Brenda Liniger said...

love it, keep the pictures coming!

chloeadele said...

yay! More pictures! Congrats Kari, he's gorgeous.

eh, I mean handsome. :)

You ARE a rock star!!!

emily said...

he is beautiful!! congratulations you guys!! i can't wait to meet sweet little casen!

Robin Davis said...

You look WAY too good for having just given birth!! Way to go!! He's adorable! I love all the pictures and I can't wait to meet little Casen!