Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More Friends

Jackson went home to get his Daddy and they stopped by this evening right after Casen's "procedure." Crissy baked a cake, and she's got skilz. It is really good. Who knew?! Chris was Crissy's boss for a little while. If he had known she could bake like that her job description would have been significantly different.

Kelly came by too. If she had been born a boy, her name was going to be Casen. We're glad she's a girl - she would be a silly looking Casen.

Keith and Beth came and brought some of the cutest clothes and burp rags. Keith was sad we didn't name Casen "Claude." I asked him why, and he said "because I never met a Claude I didn't like." Keith went to Texas Tech, so he's got a little of that Red Raider logic.

Paul and his wife came by this evening as well. Paul's wife was rather concerned that she not be posted on the blog, so her identity is being protected. They're practicing parents as well, expecting a little friend for Casen this February. If arranged marriages come back en vogue, Paul and _____'s baby will be a Freeland in about 40 years.

Scott and Kim are some of our great friends from Arlington. They were like surrogate parents to Chris for a while when he first moved to Texas. They brought Casen a cute book and a really cute outfit with a matching beanie hat. Scott and Chris can't decide if the hat crosses the effiminate line. Kim and Kari are fairly sure it's very masculine.
Today was a great day. Mom and Dad are pretty sleep deprived, but Casen is eating really well and sleeping well too. The nurse in the nursery said he was one of the only babies in the nursery who behaved himself in the nursery last night. The others cried most of the time. He must take after his father.
We're supposed to go home tomorrow (Thursday) around noon. We'd still love to see you if you're in the area, but it might not hurt to call before you come over just to make sure we can schedule a feeding time around your visit.

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