Thursday, August 21, 2008

Home again, Home Again

We busted out of the hospital around 3pm today. Unfortunately, Daddy hasn't mastered the ability to hold the carrier in such a way that you can tell there's a baby inside. But yes, Casen came home too.

Brenda and Benjamin came by the hospital. Brenda is a fellow OSU cowgirl that Chris got to baptize several months ago at church, so we have a really special relationship with their family. Benjamin's going to be a good buddy.

Chris caught this one before we left the hospital. I guess pooping feels good.

This one's for Chris's friend Ben. Casen can't wait to go flying when Ben's a fighter pilot.

This is Chris's favorite picture so far. Millie took it right after we got home.


chloeadele said...

love how the remote control is in the pic of chris and casen. daddy's already training him. you look fantastic!!

Kara said...

Kari you look great! Enjoy these first few days at home, they are precious! You all look like naturals and Casen is just such a beautiful baby!

J said...

Kari- you are beautiful.