Monday, August 25, 2008

Changing of the Guard

Chris told me today that it's time to turn my blog back over to me. If you know either of us, you know that one of us is a person of many words and one of us is not. But Casen is too cute not to share. So forgive me if the blog is a little picture heavy and word light. If you want to read Chris's musings read his blog. His blog may be more wordy, but mine will be hands down more cute!

We had a changing of the guard today. My mom (Millie) left this morning and Chris's mom (Grandma for now) showed up about two hours later. She loves her first grand baby!

Isn't this such an adorable baby?


The Kinley's said...

He is adorable. You face and Chris's hair :-)

Brenda Liniger said...

Ok now I can see both you and Chris is that cute little face, what a good looking baby! Way to go Kari, I know you are going to be a terrific mom and Casen is a lucky baby!

chloeadele said...

precious!!!! bring on the cuteness!

Andy & Ali said...

Kari!! Oh my goodness, Casen is so absolutely handsome, beautiful and such a good looking little guy! I'm so happy for you. Love you! Allison