Thursday, August 28, 2008

Visitors and New PJ's

Drew, Dawn and Ethan Leaver are really great friends who drove all of the way from Plano this morning to see our little man. Since they were over this way, they made a day of it and went to the Fort Worth Zoo. I can't wait to hear their report on the zoo. Besides making homemade play dough, taking Casen to the zoo is one of things I am most looking forward to.

Grandma Freeland headed back to Stillwater today. Casen had a great time playing and cuddling with her. However, since Casen didn't have any grandma's or Millie's around this evening to cook dinner, Kathy Horton, our senior pastor's wife brought over a chicken pot pie. It was good to see her again and great to not have to cook dinner!

This is Casen in his new and much smaller pj's. They are working much better and he now stays fully dressed all night long!

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The Kinley's said...

All on your own! Well maybe officially on Monday. Call me if you need lunch, I'll be happy to swing a sandwich by.