Sunday, August 24, 2008

More Visitors!

These are our friends Emily and Erick. Emily is Kari's friend from college who is back after serving a year in Italy. Erick is one of Chris's really good friends at church. Right now they're "our friends Emily and Erick." Whodathunk?

These are our friends Josh and Robin from church. They stopped by to say hello to Casen. Robin and Casen had a great time together. I think Josh was a little afraid Casen would break or spit up. They drove down from Saginaw to see Casen, which was really sweet.

I think everyone with pets wonders how their pets will do with the addition of a new baby. Our beagle Sutton is about as great a dog as they come, and she loves Casen. She's not sure what to do with him when he cries, but as long as he's quiet, she is definitely his buddy. This morning, Casen was laying on the bed (Kari was watching) when Sutton jumped up there and layed down next to him. She put her paw over him and went to sleep. That was all really cute until...

Casen decided it would be fun to suck Sutton's paw instead of his fingers. Poor sweet Sutton had to move.

This is what happens when Casen doesn't sleep at night. Last night was the first night he had a rough time of it. Kari fed him about 11, but he was still wide awake and fussy until about 2am. Chris got to walk laps around the house for a few hours before he finally went to sleep. He's all yawns this morning, and so are Mom, Dad, and Millie.

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chloeadele said...

those pictures of sutton and casen are incredible! you're totally making me want a little snoopy for our family!