Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Friends

Shalene, a good friend from church, and her 5 month old son, Trey, came by Friday afternoon for a visit. I was beginning to think that I could really see Casen starting to grow and fill out until I saw Casen next to Trey. Granted, Trey's dad was the offensive blocker responsible for Ladanian Tomlinson's Heisman Trophy, but still my little man looked little!

James and Laura stopped by. They are a couple from Eikon, the young singles group at McKinney. Chris is going to marry them this Spring. They romantically got engaged this past summer in Italy after the young adults mission trip to Florence!

Chad and Samantha McNeal first met Chris in Stillwater and made their way to Fort Worth long before we landed here. They were great at introducing us to all of the fun places Fort Worth has to offer and they have a ton of good stories on Chris from his college days. We always have a ton of fun hanging out with them!

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chloeadele said...

only two outfits that day?

nice. :)